Muslim Flight Attendant Complaint - Expected To Serve Drinks

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Muslim Flight Attendant Complaint - Expected To Serve Drinks

Unread post by bimjim » Sat Sep 05, 2015 ... assengers/

Muslim Flight Attendant Files Complaint Because Airline Expects Her To Serve Drinks To Passengers
September 3, 2015

A few months ago a Muslim woman pitched an Islamophobia fit when an airline served her a drink in a way she found offensive. This is much sillier.

A Muslim flight attendant has filed an official complaint because the airline she works for expects her to serve drinks to passengers. In other words, she is offended that her employers want her to do her job.

CBS Detroit reports that Charee Stanley, a Muslim flight attendant for ExpressJet, has filed a complaint with U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEO) because she claims the airline put her on administrative leave for refusing to serve alcohol to passengers. Stanley says serving alcohol to others is against her Muslim faith, which begs the question: why did she take a job that includes doing things forbidden by her religion?

Actually, there is an answer to that question. Conveniently enough, Stanley converted to Islam a month after she starting working for ExpressJet.

“I don’t think that I should have to choose between practicing my religion properly or earning a living. I shouldn’t have to choose between one or the other, because they’re both important,” said Stanley.

She’s actually had her job longer than her religion. She was well aware of what her duties were before converting. If there is a conflict between her job and her religion, that’s on her, not her employer.

Stanley had been trying to get around this contradiction by getting other flight attendants to do her job for her when a passenger requested alcohol. Eventually her coworkers got fed up and complained to the airline. ExpressJet agreed that employees should perform the duties they were hired to do and suspended Stanley.

Lena Masri, an attorney for the Council of American Islamic Relations Michigan (CAIR) frames this employee complaint a little differently. However, Masri said, ExpressJet Airlines put Stanley on administrative leave after another attendant filed “an Islamophobic complaint” that referenced Stanley’s head scarf.

Huh? Was Stanley suspended for not serving alcohol, as she has claimed, or was she put on leave for wearing a headscarf? I think CAIR is just trying to make a simple dereliction of duty case look like a horrendous anti-Islam hate crime. Speaking of which:

“We notified ExpressJet Airlines of its obligation under the law to reasonably accommodate Ms. Stanley’s religious beliefs. Instead, ExpressJet chose to violate Ms. Stanely’s constitutional rights, placed her on administrative leave for 12 months after which her employment may be administratively terminated,” said Marsi at a press conference.

Much like how Muslim men sue employers to wear beards even though having a beard isn’t required by Islamic law, Stanley’s claim that she is forbidden to serve alcohol is BS. Muslims may not drink alcohol and in crazier sects they may not sell alcohol, but Stanley is not selling alcohol as a flight attendant. She doesn’t own the alcohol and she isn’t profiting from its sale. The airline owns the alcohol and the airline makes the profit.

Think about it this way: How many liquor and convenience stores are owned and staffed by Muslims in this country? Is Stanley wiser in the ways of Islam after being a Muslim for a couple of months than Muslims that were born into the religion?

There is nothing in Islam that prevents Stanley from pouring a glass of wine or cracking open a beer for a passenger. She’s using this as an excuse to be a lazy at work and possibly for a big discrimination payday. Not only is Islam the religion of hate and violence, it’s also the religion of complaining and being a pain in the derriere.

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