New Sisserou Airlines expected to lessen air problems

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New Sisserou Airlines expected to lessen air problems

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New Sisserou Airlines expected to lessen air problems

Sisserou Airlines plane
By EDONA JNO BAPTISTE, Dominica News Staff 11.NOV.08
Tourism Minister, Ian Douglas said the introduction of the new Sisserou Airlines will alleviate some of the air access problems to and from Dominica.

Douglas said his Ministry is happy about the additional availability of seats to Dominica since the island has struggled with airlift issues for some time.

Sisserou Airlines is headquartered at the Melville Hall Airport.

The 19-seater jet stream aircraft began operating in October and already has flights into Hewanorra International Airport (St. Lucia), Princess Juliana International Airport (St Maarteen), V.C Bird International Airport (Antigua), Grantley Adams International Airport (Barbados) and the Guadeloupe and Martinique airports.

“Any additional help that we get from the Ministry of Tourism’s point of view is always welcoming by us... As far as V.C Bird International in Antigua and Grantley Adams International in Barbados that will always help in alleviating some of our airlift issue,” Douglas said.

There are plans to market the airlines in Europe & North America so that persons may have options when travelling, according to Douglas.

“If demand exceeds the carrying capacity of this one airplane there is always the possibility of sourcing other planes on a lease agreement from their partners in the U.S,” he added.

Sisserou Airline was established to fill the void that existed after TakeAir airline ceased operations last year.

Sisserou’s Director of Operations Erwin Ferreira, told the St. Maarten Island Times the airline will position itself as Dominica’s main means of air transport, but also aim at the charter business around the Caribbean.

“People would want to consider using us for charters. Chartering is convenient, time efficient and generally comes with far less hassle. And when you charter, you can dictate whether you want catering or not. This could be the answer for pan Caribbean businesses and family gatherings,” Ferreira said.


Reader Opinions

Dominica Air
NOV 17 • Sisserou Airways is not likely to improve air service. Yet Dominicans accept the current situation, whine and complain about this air access but instead of putting their thoughts to vote and elect a political party that wants to and commited to building a New International Airport instead of upgrading useless Melville Hall Airport which floods during heavy rainfall. Melville Hall is a waste of funds. Canefield Airport is the closest airport to Roseau and very underused. Fast ferries are another solution but never mentioned when talking about our transportation problems yet we have the vast mostly calm Caribbean sea.

NOV 14 • Mr Douglas, here you go again, trying to fool us, Dominicans. How can one (1) plane make a difference to solve or resolve the airline situation in DA? The Sisserou Co just changed their name after the crash. The best solution is to fix the airport at Melville Hall and build an international airport. All this delay, overnighting in a different country, losing luggage, paying extra fees,and missing connecting flights will be avoided. Ian, stop taking the easy way out and deal directly with the situation.

NOV 13 • well ant thing is better than nothing i sure i will fly with sisserou airline when i am going to guadeloupe, but on the other hand it;s time for an international airport we have reunion, carnival etc every year and so many dominicans come home for the occasions but not enough flights or airline we really need help especially when u are living in the usa or uk

Dominican in the VI
NOV 13 • I think that this is a very good venturt for Dominica and Dominican abroard. visitors alike. but with one Airline, not sure how that will work,but it's a start. best of luck.

NOV 13 • Dominica air - this is the same set of guys who've been doing the same thing every few years. isn't the Cardinal Airline responsible for that plane crash back in the 90's. I understand that family of the victims had not been compensated.
It is fools gold to think that a one fleet airline can bring comfort to passengers intending to disembark in D/ca.

Dominica Air
NOV 12 • I wish Sisserou Airways best of luck in becoming Dominica's airline of choice. The one and BAE J31 is an ideal plane but I think they are making a mistake with a one plane fleet! If BAE J31 has to have maintainence for a few days or weeks this will impact passengers since there is no backup plane available stranding passengers. This 19 seater does not allow much baggage allowance in comparison to the DH 6 Twin Otter. I hope the website will be updated to feature a E ticking and booking online tickets capability. I am not impressed with website. 19 seats with 1 plane will NOT make an impact or help our air access issues, wishful thinking by the Minister of Tourism! A 50 seat ATR or Dash 8 would be better suited with a fleet of 2-4 aircraft.

Erwin Ferreira had a role now defunct airlines Take Air and Cardinal Airlines based in Dominica previously which makes me question the sucess of this airline since both failed.

2010 International Airport by UWP I hope. Melville Hall Airport is a diaster.

Ken Turner
NOV 12 • How soon can I book? anything is better then LIAT "Look Into Alternate Transport"
For years we have been flying to Dominica 1st with Caribbean Star then LIAT. We have been left in Antigua, made late for connecting flights and treated like dirt by staff. The sooner they get some competition the better! Service is not a word you find in LIAT's vocabulary.

NOV 12 • I hate to sound pessimistic -the reality of the situation is tht those fligh by night airlines never last. Dominican patronage just can't sustain the logevity of these little airlines and it is hard climb to sell the service to the other islands. Can sisserou provide competible fares ; can they provide more flexible access?
We can dance aound the issue as much as possible Mr Douglas but unless we confron th real problem we got problems- My trip to Dominica was horrible nevertheless I love my Birth Land to death and I will continue visit when able. i am concern that many visitors will find it very difficult to return and to even extend the courtesy of references. D/ca's problem is the lack of an airport that allows for bigger passenger planes and flexible access-night landing.

What is going on at Melvillehall is nothing but a waste of money and an insult to our people's intelligence.

Dominican in New York
NOV 11 • I must tell you that I had the worst experience coming to Dominica. I had to pay LIAT $40.00 US in Barbados after I travelled on Air Jamaica and I was allowed to carry 100lbs. On LIAT I was only allowed to carry 50lbs which is one bag and the other bag would have stayed in Barbados with all my clothes and gifts for friends and family. I left Dominica and stayed four hours in St.Lucia and another four hours in Barbados before I could catch Air Jamaica to return to New York. Had there been another airline service all that lay over would be avoided and that I would not have to leave Dominica so early. I welcome the idea of another airline, but the bad thing is that it is only on these occasion that so many Dominicans return home. I had the pleasure to discuss that subject while in Dominica with the parliamentary representative for the Portsmouth constituency Mr. Douglas.

all over
NOV 11 • i am very happy to hear that we have an other air line which is willing to help in time of need it will be much better for people travling to dominica.hope that everything works out well mr douglas

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