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Surinamese airline company focuses on region

Caribbean Commuter Airways
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Surinamese airline company focuses on region

Unread post by bimjim » Thu Sep 19, 2013

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Surinamese airline company focuses on region
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      An airplane of Caricom Airways, a Piper Chieftain, chartered to larger companies in the region.
Photo / Collection Caricom Airways - An airplane of Caricom Airways, a Piper Chieftain, chartered to larger companies in the region.

Paramaribo - Caribbean Commuter Airways (Caricom Airways), a Suriname based airline company will start operations to Guyana by November. The western neighbors are the first step to conquering destinations in the eastern Caribbean and Brazil.

Rory Chin-A-Kwie, director of Caricom Airways, confirms the plans, emphasizing that his company will be no threat to Suriname Airways (SLM), Caribbean Airlines of Liat.


The company, formerly known as Koejake, and known for its pilot academy, was founded in 2004. Now it intends to spread its wings although there are still ample opportunities for domestic flights. Currently the company is negotiating with Suriname Airways to resume its domestic flights. SLM will have the final word on this. The plane used for those operations has already been painted in the SLM colors.


The company's had planned to start its flights to Guyana since February, but the equipment for checking passengers is housed in the Gum Air facilities. This creates a logistic problem for other airline companies. The equipment, the so-called Border Management system, can digitally scan passports and keep record of incoming and outgoing travelers. Gum Air director, Dean Gummels, says housing the equipment in his facility was the only solution since the State does not have a arrival and departure hall at Zorg en Hoop airport. Melvin Linscheer, Head of the Bureau for National Security says that a solution is in the pipeline. 'We have to accommodate all airline companies. We have an idea where to put the equipment, but have to discuss this with all stakeholders. Finally, the government will build its own facilities.

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