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StLLP says "Chastanet’s behavior is Outrageous"

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StLLP says "Chastanet’s behavior is Outrageous"

Unread post by bimjim » Sun Mar 13, 2011

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St. Lucia Labour Party says "Hon. Chastanet’s behavior is Outrageous"
Sunday March 13th 2011

The Saint Lucia Labour Party is shocked by the behaviour of Senator Allen Chastanet over the Caricom Airways affair.

It is unprecedented for a minister, much less a junior minister, to issue an ultimatum to a sovereign government. Chastanet has caused unnecessary embarrassment to the people of Saint Lucia and has severely compromised the historical friendship between the people of Saint Vincent and Saint Lucia.

It is even more astounding that in his crusade to secure rights to Caricom Airways that he could tell young Saint Lucians who came to lay their case before him that he does not care about them and their local company when the decision adversely affects the livelihood of some thirty nine Saint Lucians. It is the same callous behaviour which he meted out to the nine hostesses of Soufriere whom he dismissed after becoming a minister in the UWP administration.

Senator Chastanet has gone beyond acceptable and responsible behaviour. The Saint Lucia Labour Party is in receipt of a copy of a “General Declaration” by Caricom Airways naming him as the sole passenger on a flight to Martinique. No minister should be seen to be travelling on an aircraft that is operating illegally in the region.

Senator Chastanet must explain why he allowed Caricom Airways to operate a shuttle between G.F.L.Charles and Hewanorra International Airport when the airline was not authorised by the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority to undertake commercial flights.

Senator Chastanet is no authority on aviation law and must end his foolish arguments that the operations of Caricom Airways are legal solely on the basis of the approved registration in Surinam. What Senator Chastanet needs to do is to work with the airline to satisfy the additional requirements of the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority.

Senator Chastanets’ behaviour could cause untold harm to civil aviation in our region. How are international aviation authorities such as the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) to view Saint Lucia when a minister openly champions illegal practices and behaviour?

Saint Lucia cannot continue to pay the price of another “faux-pas” by Allen Chastanet.

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