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American Airlines Axes International Network

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American Airlines Axes International Network

Unread post by bimjim » Fri Apr 03, 2020

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American Airlines Axes International Network
April 3, 2020

We’ve seen airlines massively reduce their flight schedules, though most of the changes have been relatively short-term, with a focus on cancelling flights in the coming weeks.

Well, American Airlines has just massively reworked their schedule, and there are some pretty big implications. American Airlines is canceling a majority of their international flights through the summer.

American Airlines has revealed further capacity cuts to address record low customer demand. Specifically, American Airlines will:
  • Suspend more than 60% of international capacity for peak summer travel season, including 80% of Pacific capacity, 65% of Atlantic capacity, and 48% of Latin America capacity
    Delay the launch of many inaugural flights to 2021
    Suspend 26 summer seasonal flights until summer 2021
As American Airlines describes it, these changes are due to significantly decreased customer demand and government travel restrictions.

While probably not the primary motivator, I imagine a further consideration is that American Airlines is retiring their 757-200s, 767-300s, and A330-300s early, and these planes were supposed to be used for long haul flights.

American Airlines is retiring 767s effective immediately

Here are some of the highlights of American’s route changes:
  • Transatlantic routes being cancelled altogether
    To start, American Airlines will cancel the following 26 transatlantic routes altogether for this summer:

    Charlotte to Barcelona, Dublin, Madrid, Paris, and Rome
    Dallas to Munich and Rome
    New York to Rome
    Chicago to Budapest, Krakow, Paris, Prague, Rome, and Venice
    Philadelphia to Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Casablanca, Dubrovnik, Edinburgh, Lisbon, Prague, Reykjavik, Shannon, and Venice
    American is cancelling over two dozen transatlantic routes
Many inaugural flights being delayed to 2021

It’s also worth noting some pretty significant new routes American was supposed to launch this year, which will now launch in 2021:
  • Seattle to Bangalore will be delayed from October 2020, to some point in 2021
    Los Angeles to Christchurch and Dallas to Auckland will be delayed from October 2020, to winter 2021
    Dallas to Tel Aviv will be delayed from September 2020 to September 2021
I noted this above, but American was supposed to fly from Philadelphia to Casablanca starting this summer (their first flight to Africa), and that is also delayed to 2021

These are some of the most exciting new routes we’ve seen from American Airlines in a long time, so it sure is sad to see them all taken out of the schedule.
  • American is delaying the new Seattle to Bangalore flight

    Many transatlantic flights being delayed

    Summer is usually the peak travel season for transatlantic flights, but many routes to Europe are being pushed back, either to July or October 2020.
The following flights will now resume as of July 2020:
  • Charlotte to London
    Charlotte to Munich
    Dallas to Dublin
    New York to Paris
    New York to Madrid
    Miami to Madrid
    Chicago to Barcelona
    Philadelphia to Madrid
    Philadelphia to Zurich
The following flights will now resume as of October 2020:

Boston to London
Charlotte to Frankfurt
Miami to Barcelona
Miami to Paris
New York to Barcelona
New York to Milan
Philadelphia to Paris
Philadelphia to Rome
Philadelphia to Manchester
Phoenix to London

Some transatlantic flights will only resume in October 2020
  • Most Asia-Pacific flights delayed to October 2020

    American Airlines has already suspended most flights to Asia, and many of those suspensions have now been extended.
The following four routes are expected to resume as of July 2020:
  • Dallas to Hong Kong
    Dallas to Tokyo Haneda
    Dallas to Seoul Incheon
    Los Angeles to Tokyo Haneda
The following seven routes will now resume as of October 2020:
  • Dallas to Beijing
    Dallas to Shanghai
    Los Angeles to Auckland
    Los Angeles to Beijing
    Los Angeles to Hong Kong
    Los Angeles to Shanghai
    Los Angeles to Sydney
    Los Angeles to Hong Kong will resume in October 2020
Bottom line

While airlines cancelling a significant number of flights is expected at this point, I think this is particularly noteworthy. Most cancellations have been short term, while American Airlines has wiped out a majority of their summer schedule at this point.

Furthermore, the exciting new routes to Bangalore, Casablanca, Christchurch, and Tel Aviv, have all been pushed off until 2021.

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