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AFCAD For The BluePrint Simulations TBPB

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AFCAD For The BluePrint Simulations TBPB

Unread post by bimjim » Fri Jun 29, 2012

http://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/ ... ions-tbpb/

AFCAD For The BluePrint Simulations TBPB
Download added on 29 Jun, 2012

Grantley Adams International Airport - TBPB is an alternative AFCAD file for the freeware release of BluePrint Scenery Simulations TBPB, Barbados G. Adams for FSX. Some of the changes include: updated terminal parking and approach procedures based on 2009 specifications. Reworked vehicle service roads and additional fuel trucks. Accurate taxiway layout and specifications. Airport beacon, hazard beacon, doppler radar and antennas accurately placed. Some scenery requires FSX_LTS and FSXrdrs by Jim Dhaenens. See the Installation file enclosed for more details. By Kambiz Agazi.

Airport specifications (aerodrome, approach plates, taxiway layout/widths/pavement) dated May 2009 were used to make the following changes:

Revised and updated approaches and approach altitudes.

Accurate and updated taxiway names, signs, widths and lighting.

Terminal and off-Terminal commuter parking with accurate parking numbers, markings and parking alignment per specifications.

Aerodrome beacon, two antennas and pole with lights added per specifications.

Off-airport doppler radar and facility with hazard beacon added per specifications.

Apron path network to facilitate traffic flow during peak traffic.

Double parked AI at parking space numbers 5R, 6, 6R, 7, 8, and 9 - the Dash8's triple park at 7, 8, and 9 in real life but space limitations prevented this.

Runway taxi exits updated per aerodrome and satellite image. Airlines landing on 09 now exit at either B, C or E.

Taxiway and apron pavement type per satellite image and specifications.

Corrected scenery elevation issues at several locations to fix embedded or floating scenery objects including the approach lighting equipment at Rwy 09.

Note 1: ***IMPORTANT*** Prior to using this modified AFCAD, locate the BluePrint TBPB scenery folder and disable AF2_TBPB FSX.BGL, TBPBtaxiwaysign.bgl and TBPBairportbeacon.bgl. You can either remove them physically from the scenery folder or add a .passive to the end of each file.

Note2: Four additional 15m ramps have been added for overflow parking. Parking spots 23-26 do not exist in real life.

Note3: In order to view two spot lights and the off-airport doppler radar you must first install fsx_lts AND fsxrdrs by Jim Dhaenens.


First, you must install the FSX version of the freeware BluePrint Scenery Simulations' TBPB, Barbados G. Adams located at the link above. Once installed, locate your installation folder and inside of the scenery folder, disable AF2_TBPB FSX.BGL, TBPBtaxiwaysign.bgl and TBPBairportbeacon.bgl. You can either remove them physically from the scenery folder or add a .passive to the end of each file.

Second, unzip TBPB_BPS_KA to a folder of your choice. Copy the three BGL files to the BluePrint Scenery Simulations scenery folder. Make sure that this scenery has a higher priority in the FSX scenery layer as that of other Barbados or eastern Caribbean scenery.

I have tested TBPB_BPS_KA.bgl using FSX sp2, and while I don't anticipate issues with using the earlier versions (RTM and SP1), I cannot guarantee that the visuals will look the same on every setup. While not needed for the scenery to work, I also tested to ensure that TBPB works with Scenery Tech Landclass and FS Genesis Mesh.

CREDITS: TBPB was modified using the powerful airport design utility by Jon Masterson (ADE9X V1.45.6).

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