Microsoft Train Simulator & other cool sims

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Microsoft Train Simulator & other cool sims

Unread post by Tupolev 204 » Mon Feb 22, 2010

I bought this sim, was amazed. I love I can drive USA "Only High Speed Train" Amtrak Acela Express from Washington D.C. to Philadelphia.
Disappointed Microsoft closed down Aces Studios and future Microsoft Flight Simulator releases and Microsoft Train Simulator 2.

Free Add Ons ie New Trains and locomotive's

Other Train simulators made by Rail Simulator\RailWorks

Ship Simulator's
Celebration of Flight Movie
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Re: Microsoft Train Simulator & other cool sims

Unread post by michaelawai » Wed Feb 24, 2010

I actually had the Train Simulator couple years back..

It was awesome!.. loved the graphics and the reality of keeping a proper schedule...

the freight jobs were the toughest!
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