Incident: Canjet B738 on Jan 21 2011, airspeed disagreement

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Incident: Canjet B738 on Jan 21 2011, airspeed disagreement

Unread post by bimjim » Tue Feb 01, 2011

Incident: Canjet B738 enroute on Jan 21st 2011, airspeed disagreement
By Simon Hradecky
Jan 31st 2011

A Canjet Boeing 737-800, registration C-FYQN performing flight C6-601 from Montego Bay (Jamaica) to Quebec,QC (Canada) with 186 people on board, was enroute when the crew observed a difference of 15 knots between captain's and first officer's air speed indication. One prior to top of descent both left hand and right hand Engine Electronic Control warning lights illuminated. The crew prepared for a landing on runway 24, during the descent the crew was given a switch to runway 06 as number 9 for landing. The crew did not want to reconfigure the aircraft given the indications, decided to declare emergency reporting unreliable airspeed and altitude indications and continued for a safe landing on runway 24.

The Canadian TSB reported that the captain's pitot tube was found blocked and was replaced before the aircraft returned to service.

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