[Letter] Dissatisfied with Air Services delivery service

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[Letter] Dissatisfied with Air Services delivery service

Unread post by bimjim » Wed Jan 21, 2015

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[Letter] Dissatisfied with Air Services delivery service in Region 8
January 21, 2015

Dear Editor,

I have been prompted to express my concern and disappointment at the manner in which a popular aviation company has been delivering its services in Region 8. Air Services Limited (ASL) which carries the motto ‘Serious About Service!’ is the only company which operates scheduled flights into the region and has a hangar in Mahdia from which goods are shuttled to further outlying areas such as Paramakatoi and Kato for miners and business people. Due to the geographic location of this region air travel is the main means of transportation which many business people like myself depend on to deliver goods to the communities. However, the delivery of air service by this company has not been fair. Many times customers are kept waiting for days to have their shuttles done, and in many cases these customers would have made payments in advance upon confirmation that flights would be available on the said day and date. Many others and myself in the region have had the unfortunate experience of this and have voiced our concerns over time but to no avail.

Goods are usually transported by bus or truck from Georgetown to Mahdia and are then shuttled to the respective communities which is very costly. Considering the fact that Mahdia is a mining town, accommodation is expensive, so one has to budget for this journey. However, when shuttles are not done persons are forced to stay another night or nights without any reservations having been made at a hotel by the company for accommodation and meals. It is even more frustrating when other people are given priority over those who had made payments in advance. To my knowledge, the ground flight crew sometimes gives first preference to certain people, all adding to the delay in other shuttles. Moreover, without notification goods are taken off to accommodate another customer’s goods only to be discovered upon arrival, for which payment is collected by the flight crew in Mahdia, thus leaving your goods to be sent on another day.

I am a loyal customer of this company but I have had enough of the frustration I have endured due to the unfair treatment in their delivery of service. I also speak on behalf of the other customers who have had the same experience. I believe it is the lack of competition in this region with regard to air services that enables the company to operate in a lackadaisical manner. We are aware that we will continue to depend on air travel for our means of transportation, but Air Services Limited must take into consideration that not every individual is a millionaire. The people of Region 8 demand honest and fair services and would highly appreciate it if they stuck to their motto.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)

Editor’s note
We are sending a copy of this letter to Air Services for any comment they would like to make.

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