[Guyana] ASL does not operate if weather is not favourable

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[Guyana] ASL does not operate if weather is not favourable

Unread post by bimjim » Fri Jan 23, 2015

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[Guyana] ASL does not operate if weather conditions are not favourable in a location
January 23, 2015

Dear Editor,

I wish to respond to the letter in SN of January 21 where the writer expressed dissatisfaction with the level of service by Air Services Limited operations from Mahdia (‘Dissatisfied with Air Services delivery service in Region 8’).

The writer’s reference to lack of competition as being the reason for the unacceptable level of service, suggests he is unaware that the reason no other airline operator services Region 8 is due to a myriad of challenges faced by all operators who have tried and given up shortly after, leaving Region 8 for more lucrative domestic and regional destinations.

Region 8 is located in the harshest geographic environment in the entire country and has the most dynamic and unforgiving weather conditions.

ASL remains committed to the development of the hinterland communities and business operators in this region and we are indeed “Serious about Service.” However, we are as serious about provision of those services, with safety being paramount, and under no circumstance will we operate if conditions are not favourable in a particular location. As we operate to several locations, if weather in another location is acceptable then that shuttle is given priority in order to reduce the waiting time for all customers, and this unfortunately gives the impression that some customers are being penalised when, in fact, safety is being given priority.

ASL has invested heavily in infrastructure in Region 8 and we remain committed to serving this region, but we also remain committed to doing so only in the manner which does not compromise the safety of anyone.

The difficulties of operating air services in the region as outlined above are complex and difficult. We appreciate the frustrations this creates for our customers and even those who charter aircraft from Ogle Airport to get his/her cargo and passengers to the region are faced with similar challenges.

It is most unfortunate that the writer did not afford us the opportunity to address his concerns directly.

In the interim, Air Services continues to address the difficult conditions confronting us, our customers and the communities in Region 8.

Yours faithfully,

Annette Arjoon-Martins

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