[Guyana]Search continues for missing ASL pilot, cargo loader

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[Guyana]Search continues for missing ASL pilot, cargo loader

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[Guyana] Search continues for missing ASL pilot, cargo loader
April 17, 2015

Almost four months after the Air Services Limited (ASL) aircraft went missing along with pilot Nicky Persaud and cargo loader David Bisnauth, the search continues for the two.

On Thursday, Proprietor of Rainforest Tours, Frank Singh disclosed that they have completed phase one of the private search mission, which began on February 6, 2015. He explained that they were informed that a miner had a full view of the aircraft before it went missing; as such the team was deployed to that area and covered most of the land.

The head of the mission noted that the team was divided into three parts and had continued phased two but were forced to discontinue. “Within that period of time, we closed in on 10 square miles but during that time I came out and some of the men got malaria so we decided to close the operations. The men came out so that we can restock with food stuff and so on,” he explained.

According to Singh, they have approached the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) to get the last signal that was picked up from Persaud’s cellular phone in order to narrow down the search to where the pilot’s cellular phone signal was last detected. He noted that the information is supposed to be available to them by Monday after which they will resume with phase two of the search mission.

“We’re asking GT&T to assist us because in Mahdia, there is a cell phone tower there, which would assist us. So I don’t know if they can pick it up before or after. They can identify well this is the position but they can break down where it is. For example, if we have 25 square miles, they can break it down to 10 square miles instead of us going and search the entire square miles,” he outlined.

It was explained that the aircraft last spotted over White Water Creek, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni). Thus far, the private search team has managed to cover a total of 25 square miles, combing through areas such as Fort Fork, Toucan Mountain, White Water and Black Water among others. These terrains are very mountainous.

Meanwhile, Singh is calling on the public to offer whatever assistance they can so that the search mission can continue. He noted that there is an account at Scotia Bank (account number 114594) that was specially set up to facilitate funding for the mission. This account is opened to the public for them to see how the proceeds are being spent.

Furthermore, some of the major contributors thus far include New GPC Inc, NS Mattai and Company and Star Computers among many others. The head of the search mission further stated that most of the donations they have been receiving are in food items and other necessities.

Also part of the rescue mission is father and brother of the missing pilot. The 25-year-old’s wife, Stephanie Persaud, is also playing an active role in the mission. The still grieving woman told Guyana Times that these past months have been difficulty for her son who recently turned four.

“It is hard for me but I’m coping with the support of my father-in-law and brother-in-law but my son has been saying that he misses his dad and asking for him,” she stated.

The Britten Norman Islander bearing registration number 8R-GHE was heading to Karisparu after taking off from Mahdia Airstrip on December 28, 2014. On board was Captain Nicky Persaud, 25 and David Bisnauth, 53.

Immediately after the spot tracker went dead, a search and rescue mission was established but after one month without success, both the Government of Guyana and Air Services Limited called it off.

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