Skybahamas review

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Skybahamas review

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Skybahamas review
Nov. 6, 2018

Summary evaluation of skybahamas: really quite bad.

Just the facts: Booked a 9:30am flight 8 weeks early. They changed the time to 11:15am without notifying me. I had to rebook connection out of Nassau as a result (about a $1000 exercise between cancellation fees and last minute booking on another airline out of Nassau.)

There was no offer to help with rebooking costs or reimburse any of our Skybahamas tickets -- of course they are under no obligation to do either of those things. After 2.5 hours spanning 4 phone calls, their offer was "free snacks in the lounge for flights 3 hours late" and "we will make a note in your file to offer a discount next time". Me: "what kind of discount?". Response: "You know, there's a note in your file."

And of course, the skybahamas flight on the way down was delayed 2 hours. Which happens - I get it.

I've done 12 trips to the out islands; I know the drill. I've used Southern and Pineapple. I've had my luggage flown to the wrong airport twice and we've been left at the terminal once. I know to call before departure and talk to a human to confirm all times/confirmation numbers before leaving, which is the only way I found out about the schedule change. I recognize that Skybahamas is essentially a monopoly at some airports. Also, the reason I like the out islands is that no one is there, in part because it can be a hassle to get there. So in a way I'm glad there are barriers to entry. But this issue of rescheduling by almost 2 hours without calling/emailing us was a bit over the top for me.

In fairness and full disclosure, I've also had phenomenal and over-the-top customer service from some of these small airlines where they went above and beyond to try to fix problems. So, the bottom line is to build in variance to your plans. Call 2 weeks before departure as well as the day before to "make sure you have the right confirmation number" and reconfirm schedule times for both directions. And after this experience, I would say to avoid Skybahamas if possible.

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