Air Jamaica Shuttle suspends flights

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Air Jamaica Shuttle suspends flights

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Air Jamaica Shuttle suspends flights
Tue February 19, 2013

Three years after it was officially launched, operations at Jamaica Air Shuttle have come to a halt.

The airline on Monday suspended flight operations until further notice and RJR News has been informed that its 25 employees have been laid off.

In a statement on Jamaica Air Shuttle's Facebook page, Christopher Read, managing director, said the suspension of flights became necessary as the airline renegotiates a sustainable operating model in order to continue providing efficient service.

Mr. Read said he expects that a resolution to the challenges will be worked out in the weeks ahead and the airline will resume operations in the shortest possible time.

The developments at Jamaica Air Shuttle come four months after the airline added a fourth weekly flight from Kingston to Port au Prince, Haiti.

It also provided domestic service from Kingston (Tinson Pen aerodrome) to Montego Bay.

The Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority is monitoring the situation at Jamaica Air Shuttle.

“We are aware of the suspension of the operation and we are monitoring the situation to see if they will be able to put themselves in a position to maintain the operation. We keeping in close contact with the operator,” said Lieutenant Colonel Oscar Darby, director-general of the Authority, who spoke with RJR News on Monday night.
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