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Amerijet expands its operations in TT

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Amerijet expands its operations in TT

Unread post by bimjim » Tue Aug 02, 2016


Amerijet expands its operations in TT
Tuesday, August 2 2016

Amerijet Caribbean Express Limited is planning a major expansion of its operations in Trinidad.

Rasheme Richardson, Amerijet’s Director-Airport Operations, who is based in Miami but was in Trinidad on Tuesday for the 25th Anniversary celebrations of the Trinidad business, said the company is hoping to turn the sod next year for an office and warehouse complex to replace the current facility from which it operates at the South Terminal of the Piarco International Airport.

He said the new facility will be more than double the size of the current one and Amerijet intends to build a “brand new state-ofthe-art facility that will not only make sure that we are able to pass our cargo through here safely and securely but also affords us an opportunity to give a state-ofthe-art facility to our vendors and our government regulatory agencies and most importantly, to our customers.” He said it would give Amerijet “the efficiencies that we need to deliver cargo in a timely manner and a safe manner and allow some of our regulatory agencies to expand as well and be able to clear faster.” He added that “clearing cargo quickly and letting our customers benefit from that in a brand new facility” is the name of the game.

He said the new facility will provide a bigger clearance area and allow the company to accommodate more customs officers which will mean clearances of cargo in a timely manner. He said Amerijet will also consider door-to-door deliveries and is thinking about opening another warehouse in the South so customers from the Southland would not have to suffer the inconvenience of making their way through heavy traffic to come to Piarco to collect their cargo.

“Maybe we’ll clear it here and deliver it down South to another warehouse that will afford a little less transportation for our customers.” He added that the new complex being planned by Amerijet will be a long stay facility. “We are looking for no less than a fifty year stay,” he said. Remarking that the company had just completed 25 years in Trinidad, he said it wanted to double the time it has already spent in this country.

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