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[BVIAirways] Local pilot questions viability of airline deal

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[BVIAirways] Local pilot questions viability of airline deal

Unread post by bimjim » Wed Feb 24, 2016

http://bvinews.com/new/local-pilot-ques ... line-deal/

[BVI Airways] Local pilot questions viability of airline deal

Local pilot Linton Wheatley has stated that, while he thinks the proposed expansion of the runway at Terrence B Lettsome International Airport is necessary, he thinks the deal which Government signed with the privately owned BVI Airway is not financially viable.

He said airfares will be too high for the proposed direct flights between the BVI and Miami in the United States, adding that he would instead opt for air shuttle service, which typically is a scheduled flight on short routes with a simplified fare and class structure.

“I personally feel that what we should do is try to invest into a good shuttle service that would be similar to what we were doing here, until we can afford to get to that process. And I would say I haven’t seen it, but the equipment that they (BVI Airways) are intending to use here; I would like to sit down and talk to someone about it.”

“I still believe that we should go again to the process of looking at regional carriers or wherever you may get these carriers to do these early-morning flights in and out so that they can be cost efficient. Under the present situation, even if we fly directly from Miami, it’s not going to be any cheaper – and I can guarantee whoever have it in mind,” Wheatley further said.

Back in January, BVI Airways Director Scott Weisman underscored the importance of keeping the cost of airline tickets low. “Some people have asked: ‘Is this going to be cheaper than what’s available now?’ The answer is yes; it has to be,” he had said.

Government is contributing $7 million over three years towards BVI Airway’s efforts to provide direct flights between the BVI and Miami.


Meanwhile, the local pilot, who this month was speaking on ZBVI Radio, expressed hope that the cost of the proposed runway expansion at Terrence B Lettsome International Airport will not leave residents with more financial burdens.

He thinks the project, otherwise, is a good initiative.

“The expansion is very good if we can afford it without further inflicting heavy burdens economically against our people,” Wheatley said.

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