‘Bizzy’ Williams discusses REDjet experience, budget

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‘Bizzy’ Williams discusses REDjet experience, budget

Unread post by bimjim » Thu Jun 28, 2012

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‘Bizzy’ Williams discusses REDjet experience, budget
Nadia Brancker

‘REDjet a mistake’ was the tone set by one of its Principal Investors and Former Director of REDjet, Ralph ‘Bizzy’ Williams.

Williams stated at the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) & PWC 2012 post-budget breakfast discussion at Hilton that he was delighted the Finance Minister spoke about REDjet.

Christopher Sinckler, Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs yesterday spoke candidly on the folding of REDjet. He said, “neither he nor his Government colleagues misled the airline or reneged on any promise to lend financial assistance to that company. REDjet was a private operation, not a Government department. It has no right to any direct financial assistance from Government and was promised none...”

Williams admittedly told the audience of business persons, “Sometimes a guy makes a mistake. I would have to say that REDjet had its problems – one of the fundamental problems is that it announced the initial cost of an airline ticket at 9.99 instead of 19.99. If they had done the 19.99 route, they would probably still be in the air.”

He added, “I approached this project from an emotional standpoint instead of an analysing the numbers myself. We made a mistake and lost a lot of money. It is a learning experience, and I wouldn’t make it again.”

However, Williams pointed, “I was interested in the concessions for alternative energy because we are heavily involved in this area and I was pleased to hear what was outlined in the budget. I am also involved in garbage and I was pleased to hear that he was introducing the Greening Levy to assist in meeting the overall cost of the treatment of garbage.

“It is a minuscule tax and everybody generates garbage. I believe the tax is fair and he could put a little more as it costs a lot to process garbage.”

He recounted, “It was 17 years ago that we made the first proposal to Government to build a waste-to-energy plant, and if it starts now it is 17 years too late because it should have been built ever since. It is something that is necessary to get rid of garbage and it is a problem in Barbados.

“In Barbados we dump everything in one bin and, other parts of the world, they separate. We need to look into this; to separate garbage when it has been dumped with everything is difficult. We thought [about] the magnetic separators to pull out tins, but this doesn’t work. It is a difficult job, I don’t think we get enough for doing what we do, and the little tax will help pay some of the cost.”

He suggested, “The SSA needs to get with the programme. People will not do what they should if they are not penalised. People will keep doing the easy way unless there is a penalty to separate.”

On the other hand, Richard Cozier, CEO Banks Holdings Inc. believes, “This small tax will grow, they should have been something in the budget towards separation. What is in budget to deal with cost of doing traditional garbage disposal and that is a missed opportunity in the budget. Also, instead of penalising maybe a reward system for separating garbage.”

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