20 Crazy Employee Benefits Offered By Companies

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20 Crazy Employee Benefits Offered By Companies

Unread post by bimjim » Thu Mar 17, 2016

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20 Crazy Employee Benefits Offered By Companies
Jennifer Parris
15 Mar, 2016

Gone are the days when job seekers were happy to simply get hired. Now, top-tier talent can negotiate for—and get—some pretty cool perks from their jobs. So the next time you’re in the middle of a job interview, find out about some potential perks your new company might offer. Below are a few crazy employee benefits offered by companies to pique your interest.

Here are some crazy employee benefits offered by flexible companies:

1. Unlimited vacation days.
  • This is a new trend that is quickly becoming popular with employers. Eager to avoid paying out unused vacation days to its employees, more and more companies are offering unlimited vacation days. As long as your work stays stellar and you’re in communication with your boss and coworkers, you can travel around the world, spend time with your family, care for your aging parents—for as long as you want. Companies such as Umbel, ZestFinance, and Prezi all offer unlimited vacation days.
Check out these nine other companies with unlimited vacation policies!

2. Ride the wave.
  • Forget about surfing the Internet. Employees who work for Patagonia, which sells outdoor clothing and equipment, are given company bikes, access to volleyball courts, and even on-site yoga. But Patagonia steps it up one more notch—the company also allows workers to catch a wave in the middle of the workday. And to ensure that employees hang 10, the reception desk posts daily surf reports on days when waves are killer.
3. Keep it clean.
  • Weebly offers lots of crazy cool employee benefits, such as a company credit card, gym memberships, and bi-monthly massages. And staffers get one more fun perk—a $50 monthly credit to Exec, a housecleaning and errand-running service.
4. Score some VIP treatment.
  • After getting their work done for the day, employees of Quicken Loans get to unwind at any event at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, OH. From sitting courtside at a Cleveland Cavaliers game, they can also attend concerts, comedy shows, and other events at the stadium—transportation included.
5. Have a personal assistant.
  • Life can get in the way of work—but not for the employees at SC Johnson & Son. There, staffers get to enjoy that fun thing called work-life balance, thanks to an on-site employee concierge who handles everything from picking up groceries to shopping around for the best car insurance. They’ll even stand in line for you if you want to see Bruce Springsteen in concert!
Here are other crazy employee benefits our researchers have come across over the years:
  • - Pet insurance
    - Free mechanical bull rides at the bar across the street
    - Free season passes to local ski resort
    - All the snacks you can carry
    - Discounts on homeowner and auto insurance
    - Free lunch daily
    - Fridge stocked with snacks
    - Apple laptop and workstation
    - Free beer on Fridays
    - Housing provided
    - Two hours of free housecleaning services a month
    - Bring your dog to work
    - “We promise not to poke you with a sharp stick.”
    - Free gym membership
    - Unlimited usage of the company Ping-Pong table
Readers, which of the crazy employee benefits listed above would you like to have the most and why?

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