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FedEx donates Boeing jet for local aviation camp

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FedEx donates Boeing jet for local aviation camp

Unread post by bimjim » Tue Jul 23, 2013


FedEx donates Boeing jet for local aviation camp
Rachael Espinet
Tuesday, July 23 2013

The Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority will receive a Boeing 727 jet from the FedEx Corporation to aid in developing aviation training.

This was announced yesterday at the opening of the TTCAA’s STEM Aviation Camp at the training centre in Piarco.

“Our achievements have been recognised globally, and in recognition of our achievements in the field of aviation, the FedEx Corporation has donated a fully functional and flying Boeing 727 jet aircraft,” said Kimchand Rampaul, chairman of the Authority.

The Civil Aviation Training Centre has been providing aviation training in the region for the past 50 years. To introduce children into the field of aviation, the TTCAA has developed a week long STEM Aviation Camp.

Seasoned STEM teacher, Lori Bradner, believes there is no better way for children to learn science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) than through hands-on experience in the felid.

“STEM education is a universal language that bridges all gaps. It is a language we can all speak. There is no better way to teach STEM education than through aviation,” Bradner said.

Bradner is part of the Sun’n Fun international air show, which is one of the various international bodies the TTCAA has partnered with, to develop the camp.

Over the following week, 156 children between the ages of five and 18 will be introduced to the basics of flight, become familiar with the parts of the airplane, learn hands-on skills with the application of aviation, basic navigation, how to plot an aviation course, and the theories behind aerospace, space, and rockets. The children would also be treated to guided tours of the Caribbean Airlines 767 and experience air shows, put on by the Air Guard.

Rudranath Indarsingh, Minister in the Ministry of Finance and the Economy, encouraged the children to take full advantage of the camp as STEM skills have become the imperative for the development of the country.

Indarsingh told the children to contemplate the smart phones, tablets and lap tops that they use on a daily basis, and remember that these devices first had to exist in someone’s imagination. He said the government wants to encourage children to have such innovative and creative ideas, so that they too could make great strides in science.

“Whether it is in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics, tomorrow’s professionals must be people who cannot only adapt quicker to change, but also be creative and innovative enough to create change.

“Camps and initiatives like these that we depend on to inspire you to be brave in letting your imagination go further, letting your dreams grow bigger, and letting your motivation to create, reach further,” he said.

Eleven-year-old Grant Marc, was very enthusiastic about the week long camp. He has always wanted to become a pilot and travel the world, so he was excited about learning everything about planes and air travel.

“I went to Tobago once, and I want to travel all around the Caribbean, particularly to Dominica. If I am a pilot, I would be able to go to all of these places,” Marc said. Marc told Newsday he was looking forward to boarding the 727 plane to see what it would be like, to be a pilot.

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