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[Guyana] TravelSpan FAs unemployed months after closure

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[Guyana] TravelSpan FAs unemployed months after closure

Unread post by bimjim » Fri Jan 16, 2015

http://www.guyanatimesgy.com/2015/01/16 ... r-closure/

[Guyana] TravelSpan Flight Attendants unemployed months after closure
...remain hopeful for carrier’s return
January 16, 2015 By GuyanaTimes

Despite making promises to Guyanese in 2014 that they were here to stay, 25 Flight Attendants attached to the

TravelSpan Airlines are currently unemployed but are hopeful that the air service will live up to its promise of returning and staying on Guyanese shores.

In 2014, the 25 Guyanese were selected and extensively trained in Los Angeles to serve as Flight Attendants on the company’s air carriers which were leased from Vision Airlines Corporation.

However, due to constant mechanical issues with Vision Airlines which resulted in a lack of consistent service proven by the significant amount of cancelled and delayed flights that caused major inconveniences to passengers, TravelSpan had terminated its agreement with Vision Airlines as of September 27, 2014, closed its operations and returned to the United States, with no alternative plans for its 25 Flight Attendants.

Speaking to Guyana Times in a telephone interview on Wednesday, one of the flight attendants, who asked for his name to be withheld, related that since the company closed operations and left in September, he has been unemployed and is currently at home.

“Since they closed operations and left, we have not been working. They had no alternative operations for us so we had nothing else to go to after the operations closed down in Guyana,” he stated.

Another Flight Attendant, who also indicated her desire for her name to be withheld, stated that she too, has been facing the same situation as her male counterpart since the air service’s last flight on September 27, 2014.

She indicated that while some may be of the belief that the Flight Attendants are not seeking jobs and are simply playing victims, this is not true.

“It is not that we want to be unemployed but we were trained as Flight Attendants. That is the work we were trained to do. It is already difficult to find a job with a degree here in Guyana but it is even more difficult when you are a flight attendant. Most of the airlines here already have their personnel so there aren’t positions open for us,” she lamented.


The two related that the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Nohar Singh, had on several occasions made contact via email with the Flight Attendants during the past months and promised that they will be re-employed as soon as it can be arranged.

“What he has indicated to us is that he is trying to find a new carrier which the company can use and once an agreement has been drawn up, operations will resume in Guyana. We usually get updates from time to time about what is happening and we are remaining hopeful that something will pull through. We need our jobs; we can’t stay at home all the time. We were promised that they are here to stay, that our jobs were there to stay,” the male Flight Attendant expressed.

According to information received by this publication, the company was slated to sign an agreement with the troubled Dynamic Airlines for the provision of a carrier, but due to the number of issues affecting that airline with regards to its operations here in Guyana, that agreement fell through.

A source close to the company when contacted for a comment on the matter indicated that while she cannot say much on the matter at this point, she was informed by the CEO that he is trying to secure a new carrier and once this is done, the Flight Attendants will undergo new training before being placed on that carrier. She stated that from all indications, TravelSpan has not altogether close its operations in Guyana, but business is simply suspended until an agreement is born with a new carrier.

Pandemonium broke lose at the local office in September last year and Police had to be called in after irate passengers accused the company of failing to meet their obligations and began behaving disorderly.

The situation is not new to the company since in early 2003, Guyanese passengers were left stranded when the company had again pulled out of the market at that time. It was alleged that the lease for the carrier at that time had expired and the leaser had reclaimed its plane.

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