[Golden Arrow] Trislander damaged on landing at Kaieteur

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[Golden Arrow] Trislander damaged on landing at Kaieteur

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[Golden Arrow] Trislander damaged on landing at Kaieteur
Zena Henry
21 Sep, 2014

One of the newly operating Trislanders in the country on Sunday suffered some degree of damage as the aircraft came in for a difficult landing at Kaieteur Falls around 1800 GMT. The three-engine aircraft which was transporting some 16 persons was unable to make the returning flight to the Ogle International Airport (OIA) given its damage.

Information is still sketchy on the incident and Guyana Aviation was unable to ascertain whether the aircraft suffered a hard landing or landed short of the runway. The aircraft which belongs to Golden Arrow Airways and was being flown by Captain Learie Barclay, was conducting tour flights to Kaieteur Falls when it encountered difficulty.

The flight left OIA just after one o’clock in the afternoon (local time) and arrived at Kaieteur Falls about an hour later. A team of investigators from the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) was dispatched to the location following the incident. There were no reported injuries and passengers were returned to the city in an alternate aircraft.

Two Trislanders were introduced to the Guyana aviation sector earlier this year as that model plane was not operating in the local sector before. Golden Arrow was the first to promote the tri-engine propeller aircraft for domestic commercial use .

Retired Director of Aviation Safety Regulation, Paula Mc Adam had explained that several years ago that Trislanders were in Guyana, but only on display.

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