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[Junkanoo] Bahamian Cargo Airline to spur economic growth

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[Junkanoo] Bahamian Cargo Airline to spur economic growth

Unread post by bimjim » Thu Sep 08, 2016

http://www.thebahamasweekly.com/publish ... 0216.shtml

[Junkanoo] Bahamian Cargo Airline to spur more economic growth
  • by increasing the circulation of goods throughout the Bahamas
Sep 8, 2016

Nassau, Bahamas

Junkanoo Air, a Bahamian-owned cargo airline, is now providing air cargo transport services between the US (primarily South Florida), the Bahamas and surrounding countries (including Turks and Caicos, Haiti, Cuba, etc.). Junkanoo Air is authorized by the Department of Civil Aviation (Bahamas) and the Federal Aviation Authority (US) to operate commercially.

Captain Christopher King, President of Junkanoo Air, has been an airline pilot for over ten years, and launched the airline when he realized that a need in the air cargo sector wasn't being met sufficiently. Captain King wanted to create air cargo solutions that would accommodate businesses’ and consumers’ needs by providing interisland transportation throughout the Bahamas and daily flights from the US. This solution will save Bahamian businesses money and time because Junkanoo Air is local.

Captain King believes the fact that Junkanoo Air is locally owned gives the airline an edge over seemingly similar services. “We're a Bahamian company, so we know the specific needs of other Bahamian companies,” he said. “To borrow a line from our national flag carrier, Bahamas Air: ‘We don't just fly here. We live here.’” Captain King continued, “Bahamian businesses are poised to expand with the ability to have supplies flown to the Bahamas within hours as opposed to taking days with boats. Interisland commerce can take off now.”

Any business can utilize that service of Junkanoo Air. However, Junkanoo has developed specific shipping and logistical solutions for the following businesses and industries:
  • • Freight forwarders (established and upstarts)
    • Pharmacies (transporting time-sensitive equipment/medication)
    • Hospitals, clinics and medical labs (test results, equipment transport)
    • Cargo transport
    • Dangerous goods transportation (Junkanoo Air is the first HAZMAT-certified Bahamian Airline.)
    • Government agencies
    • Passenger airlines (excess baggage and other ca rgo)
    • Human remains
    • Perishable goods (flowers, frozen foods, etc.)
Although moving air cargo is traditionally a costly matter, Junkanoo Air promises its rates will be aggressively competitive and among the lowest in the industry. “One of our driving goals is to make air cargo transport more affordable and accessible for businesses in the Bahamas,” remarked Captain King. “But it’s not just about our rates. Our multi-aircraft fleet allows us to be dependable and reliable for the companies who need it most.”

Captain King also announced the company’s introductory promotions, one of which includes a 20% discount for the first ten clients that books a Junkanoo Air charter.

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