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[Barbados] GAIA apologises to red caps

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[Barbados] GAIA apologises to red caps

Unread post by bimjim » Sun Feb 04, 2018

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[Barbados] GAIA apologises to red caps
04 February 2018

Acting chief executive officer of the Grantley Adams International Airport, Neville Boxill, apologised to red caps following a number of concerns raised by them recently. (Picture by Sandy Pitt.)

Acting chief executive officer of Grantley Adams International Airport Inc (GAIA), Neville Boxill, has offered an apology to porters [popularly called red caps] at the airport, following recent concerns aired by some of the men and women who transport passengers’ baggage in and out of the busy hub.

Boxill said Friday the airport was “open for business and [was] ready to work with anyone” and GAIA Inc. was “pleased to get an opportunity to uplift the red cap service through our partnership with Platinum.”

Businesswoman Shelly Williams, founder and managing director of Platinum Services Limited, recently took over the service, launching Platinum Airport Porters Service. Soon after, 49 red caps met at the Platinum offices to outline grievances and ask for improved working conditions.

Boxill, in a recent interview, acknowledged that red caps are “a unique aspect of travel in Barbados”.

“We did have some issues which we have now resolved. I think an incorrect impression was given relative to our intent,” he said.

He explained that GAIA Inc. had offered the space for the red caps operation “temporarily” and said this had been made clear at the outset, “because we did have plans to create a lounge, but our plans include expanding the space significantly”.

“It was not possible to allow the red caps to remain in the space,” Boxill added, saying the intent was not to deprive the red caps of decent accommodation in “such a nice space. It is that we have limited space,” he explained. “We are building the lounge because we have had requests from numerous hotels for that kind of service here at the airport, and we opted not to work with any one hotel because we felt that would create a disadvantage to other hotels. It will go out to tender and will be the responsibility of the operating company to manage it and partner with individual hotels,” he added.

Boxill admitted the alternative space being offered to the red caps was smaller than the area where they were currently being accommodated, but he added: “We have reached agreement with Mrs Williams that she will do whatever is in her power to ensure it is outfitted appropriately so that they can be comfortable. It certainly was not our intent and we regret that it somehow managed to end up in the public domain.”

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