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Air J Scare

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Air J Scare
KIMONE THOMPSON, Senior staff reporter

An Air Jamaica flight headed to New York from Kingston yesterday morning was forced to make an unscheduled stop at the Miami International Airport to investigate the source of "some unusual sounds" coming from the aircraft.

John Jackson, father of a female passenger who was aboard the aircraft, said his daughter Jo-Anne reported unusual turbulence, a rattling door and air entering the craft, conditions which she said caused an emergency landing.

But Air Jamaica board chairman Shirley Williams refused to call it an emergency landing, saying instead that the aircraft diverted as a precaution.

"There was no emergency landing. What happened was that our plane was en route to New York, and over Cuba the captain experienced some unusual sounds and because of that, out of an abundance of caution, he diverted to Miami to ensure that nothing was wrong," she said.

According to Williams, mechanical crew checked the craft, but found nothing wrong and at 5:30 pm the "same plane with the same crew" left Miami for the original destination.
"I was briefed by our VP of operations and I was advised that there was no major damage," Williams said.
Jackson's account, however, was different.

"She [daughter] told me the flight was unusually rough and that they had to have an emergency landing in Miami. She said one of the doors was rattling and air was coming through the door so the plane was apparently losing pressure. I suspect that may have helped cause the vibrations," he told the Observer.

"When she called me the second time from the airport in Miami, she said it looked as if they didn't have the parts to fix the plane because a panel had separated from the door."

Ten years ago, Jo-Anne' s older sister died in an aircraft accident in Ecuador and her father said she must have found yesterday's experience "fairly terrifying".

"We've had the trauma of losing our oldest daughter so it would not have been a good feeling for her," he said. "I imagine she must have been reliving the experience, not that she was on the plane but..."

When asked to respond to Jackson's claims, Williams was adamant that "the aircraft did not lose any pressure at all. There was no inflow of air into our aircraft [and] nothing was dislodged".

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