Air Jamaica’s impossible dream

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Air Jamaica’s impossible dream

Unread post by bimjim » Thu Jan 29, 2009

From Travel Weekly

Air Jamaica’s impossible dream

The Jamaican government most certainly is not on “Caribbean time” in its desire to drop Air Jamaica like a hot cassava. Prime Minister Bruce Golding’s goal: Unload the loss-making airline on private investors by March.

Air Jamaica is a struggling carrier during a time when travel to the Caribbean is way down. Given that, is a March deadline realistic? If Jamaica somehow meets its self-imposed deadline, I’d love to know what kind of discount the buyer got.

The carrier is implementing a restructuring initiative under new CEO Bruce Nobles, and will cut routes to Miami, L.A. and Atlanta on Feb. 26. Air Jamaica’s divestment committee said a successful execution of its new business plan will “enhance the attractiveness of Air Jamaica to investors and will speed up the privatization process.”

Will a plan that goes into effect in late February make Air Jamaica more attractive in March?

No way, mon!

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