Guyana Airways faces takeoff setback

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Guyana Airways faces takeoff setback

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Guyana Airways faces takeoff setback
September 3, 2018
Ray Chickrie Caribbean News Now contributor


The CEO of the “New Guyana Airways, Dr Colin Abrams, has vented his frustration on Facebook claiming that the government of Guyana has “unregistered” his company after he spent two years and two million dollars setting up the Guyana-based airline.

Meanwhile, in a invited comment, the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) director Egbert Field wanted to clear the air of misinformation.

He said, “The entity going by the name “Guyana Airways Corporation Inc.” (which is not an airline since it has no aircraft nor approval from the GCAA) does not have an application lodged with the GCAA. This entity has instead a pre-application statement of intent, which is the document stating what they would like (intention) to do.”

Field added, “The GCAA with its team of highly trained individuals review and inspect technical data and other submissions for certifications so that safety and security of the aviation industry and flying public are assured. It does not deal in ‘political gimmicks.’”

A frustrated Abrams said, “Can someone please explain to me why this government is blocking their youth from starting their high paying airline jobs? The youth of Linden, Georgetown, Buxton and everywhere else in the country who have been placed in our hiring pool, cannot start working simply because the government is hung up on our name?”

Abrams said that the government just recently “objected to the airline using the name GAC, and claimed that “the government had the legal right to object within the six-month time period after we received our corporate registration and failed to do their due diligence.”

Two years later, he finds it strange that the government “illegally and lawlessly unregistered my company just like that without prior notification”.

Abrams see a political ploy in this all by claiming that his competitor is “mortally afraid of Guyana Airways Corporation Inc, entering the market”.

“We are an airline by Guyanese for Guyanese and not for the exorbitant fares currently available. Our government is super excited to have an increase in airlift by the foreign legacy carriers, but at what cost to our fellow Guyanese citizens?” he asked.

The airline had planned to commence service this fall to Barbados, Cuba and Trinidad and Tobago using two dry-leased Boeing 737s. Since Guyana doesn’t have a category 1 status, locally-based airlines cannot commence flights to the United States.

If the government of Guyana decides to not sell the Guyana Airways name, it may indicate bigger plans for the Guyana aviation industry as the country contemplates how to use its future oil and gas wealth. The government and its coalition partner are divided about the state resurrecting a national airline.

Guyana Airways went out of business some two decades ago.

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