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[Trinidad] Fire Officers follow through with sick out action

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[Trinidad] Fire Officers follow through with sick out action

Unread post by bimjim » Wed Mar 11, 2015

http://looptt.com/2015/03/09/fire-offic ... ck-action/

[Trinidad] Fire Officers follow through with sick out action

Fire officers attached to Piarco Station kept good on their word by staging a massive sick out.

One officer told LoopTT only two acting Fire Station officers and a Fire Sub Station officer showed up for work at 9am.

This caused a bit of chaos as the usual and required strength is four officers to 20 fire fighters.

Security guards were called out so that flights could have entered and leave Piarco International Airport.

The officer says they will be staging a sick out again tomorrow and hopes the Chief Personnel Officer (CPO) sees that they mean business and is calling for her to reconsider the 9.2 percent offer.

LoopTT contacted Fire Services Association President Leo Ramkisson who said hundreds of fire fighters have stayed away from work in various stations.

Also hundreds of Prison officers stayed away from Prisons and Courts, to rest and reflect, as they too are up in arms over the percentage the CPO is offering to them in the outstanding salary negotiations.

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