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Reduced Caribbean operations for American Eagle

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Reduced Caribbean operations for American Eagle

Unread post by bimjim » Thu Apr 12, 2012


Reduced Caribbean operations for American Eagle
Brenton Henry
Thursday, April 12th, 2012.

St. John’s Antigua

American Eagle, an affiliate of American Airlines, has broken its silence over media reports that it plans to stop serving its San Juan hub from next year. In an email to OBSERVER Media the airline admitted that changes are coming.

The company remained tightlipped for weeks, as speculation grew over the future of that leg of the company’s operations, serving the Caribbean through its ATR fleet.

Initially, the airline made no announcement about changes to its schedule from Puerto Rico but in response to an email the company said it would reduce its operation from the US island.

“As part of the restructuring process, American Airlines filed recently with the bankruptcy court, the company plans to return all of its ATRs to the lessors,” the company’s Corporate Communication Manager Dori Robau Alvarez said.

“As the ATR fleet is returned back to the lessors, we expect that executive’s operations in San Juan will be reduced,” she added.

The Dallas – based spokeswoman said the airline does not know the exact timing of these changes, as American is still developing the plan for executive’s operation.

She said the Eagle plans to replace the ATR fleet but denied plans to close operations altogether.

“American is also evaluating several replacement solutions to continue to provide service to the region. This evaluation should be completed some time later this year,” Alvarez said.

In her email Alvarez did not say how this would affect staff in the region and has not responded to our request to be pressed further on the issue.

Reports indicate that as part of its restructuring operation AA plans to shave US$75 million a year from labour costs. Local employees said they had not been made aware whether their jobs would be affected as a result of the company’s announcement.

Antigua &Barbuda, as well as several other Caribbean countries is serviced by American Eagle out of Puerto Rico.

VC Bird International Airport receives American Airlines flights operated by American Eagle from San Juan four times daily.

American Airlines and parent AMR Corp. filed for bankruptcy protection in November.

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