Minister of Tourism officially welcomes Cape Air to Nevis

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Minister of Tourism officially welcomes Cape Air to Nevis

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Minister of Tourism officially welcomes Cape Air to Nevis
Monday, 05 December 2011
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      Ministers of Government, Premier of Nevis Hon. Joseph Parry, President Cape Air Mr. Dave Bushy and Andrew Bonney Vice President of Planning.
Minister of Tourism and Premier of Nevis Hon. Joseph Parry on Wednesday November 30th officially welcomed Cape Air to Nevis at an inaugural ceremony held at the Vance Amory International Airport.

With its non-stop service from San Juan to Nevis which started November 11th. Nevis is now on the route map, Cape Air’s blue tails are now located on seven Caribbean islands. Today, scores of Nevisians, Hotel Managers, NIA officials, Taxi operators and invited guests assembled at the Airport’s arrival lounge to say thank you to Cape Air for choosing Nevis as its newest Caribbean destination.

Premier of Nevis Hon. Joseph Parry welcomed the air line to Nevis and hopes that more partnerships will be formed through the new relationship. He noted that Nevis has had its challenges in the global recession and has lost some of the airlines, "what I am pleased about is that as some goes some come and Cape Air has come and am quite sure we will have a great relationship," he stated. He assured the Officials of Cape Air that they have come to the right place because Nevisians are friendly, open, warm and welcoming. "I do believe that both sides will make merry music together as we bring more and more passengers to Nevis."

He informed them that Nevis is an up-market country and has demonstrated this with the four Seasons Resort and all the other hotels on the island. "We have to make sure that you continue to do well even as we do better," he said. Premier Parry indicated his hopes to see growth as the country and the world moves out of the recession. "With Growth on the island and in tourism,

I expect that even as we grow you will continue to grow," he hoped.

President Cape Air Mr. Dave Bushy promised that they will repay Nevis for its kindness with great reliable service. "Andrew Bonney came back with a glowing trip report and Bobby Falcon who manages 33 cities for another company said he has never felt more welcomed on an island, this means a lot to us," he said. He disclosed that Cape Air has some 23 years reputation in the industry of having safe and reliable air service and now serves 38 communities around the world. "We have 900 employees each unbridled with rules and regulations. Safety is important to us, safety has rules, and service does not have a lot of rules. Our founder Dan Wolf could not be here today because he is in Saipan and he is also a State Senator for Massachusetts," he informed.

Bushy informed that the CEO imbued the company 23 years ago with a rule book noting that there are not many rules when it comes to handling customers, "we embrace our customers and we do what’s right by them. Sometimes it cost money, sometimes it cost time but we do that because our motor is "MOCHA HAGoTD" and it stands for make our customers happy and have a good time doing it." He stated that there is no long rule books in this business "but you are only as good as your last customer and you are only as good as your last landing." He asked that the Nevisian community hold them accountable because the community has embraced them and has given them their trust and respect. He promised that they will embrace the community as they have been embraced.

He also use the forum to outline their obligations to reducing carbon footprints, "greening is not just about reducing carbon foot print, we know what pollutants in the atmosphere just as your cars do and your machinery does. So it’s our obligation to reduce that carbon footprint. We have spent a quarter of a million dollars this year just to upgrade our fleets so that it reduces fuel consumption by four percent. That saves us a little bit of money but it prevents the pollutants of the equivalent of 325 cars on the nation’s highways," he explained. He also informed that they have a solar initiative in Cape Cod; "we will embrace this community and be involved. If you need a sponsor or fundraisers, you can reach out to us because that’s our obligation to be part of this community," he said.

John Hanley CEO Nevis Tourism Authority (NTU) while chairing the ceremony indicated that adequate airlift is one of the most vital aspects of tourism development. This he said encapsulates NTU’s excitement about the launch of Cape Air service to the island. He noted that the introduction of their direct service between Nevis and Puerto Rico will make it more convenient and cost effective for Nevis’ valuable guests to make same-day connections to major North American gateways. "Although Cape Air is a small airline, it has established a favorable reputation for reliability and excellent service and these are qualities highly prized by Nevis as a destination."

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