Caribbean Airlines flights for ferry passengers

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Caribbean Airlines flights for ferry passengers

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CAL flights for ferry passengers
Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Port Authority last night announced that all passengers who wish to travel to Tobago by passenger ferry will now be accommodated by Caribbean Airlines.

This as the lone passenger ferry, the T&T Express, went out of service “for its statutory maintenance programme”. The replacement vessel, the T&T Spirit, which has been undergoing repairs since June last year, is now expected to return to service on March 22, the Port said in a statement. That vessel was expected to be back in operation today.

The Port said in the interest of public safety it has decided to temporarily suspend the operations of the passenger ferries until all outstanding works are completed.

As a result, only tickets for the cargo vessel, the Cabo Star, will be sold from today until March 22, the Port said.

“The Authority is committed to providing this essential service and will accommodate our passengers on flights from Caribbean Airlines, as previously done during the Carnival season, at no extra cost to the passenger. At this time, passengers with confirmed tickets up to 2018 March 22 will be required to go directly to Caribbean Airlines Domestic Counter on the confirmed date of travel to check-in.

The vehicles of passengers with confirmed tickets will be accommodated on the daily sailing of the Cabo Star, and all ticket holders will be shuttled via PTSC to the Piarco International Airport and the ANR International Airport accordingly at no additional cost,” the statement said.

The cost of one-way travel on the ferry is $50, one-third of the cost of an airline ticket.

In a separate statement, Caribbean Airlines said the Airports Authority of T&T (AATT) has agreed to keep the ANR Robinson International Airport open for longer hours. The airport will now be closed between to 1.30 a.m. – 5.45 a.m.

The airline said it was working with the Port to ensure that the 2,922 passengers holding confirmed ferry tickets for the initial period March 13-March 22 will be accommodated on flights at no additional cost to the passenger.

The airline is also finalising arrangements to obtain an additional aircraft specifically dedicated to the airbridge which will provide 1,088 extra seats daily.

Process for ferry customers
  • • Travellers with no vehicles, may go direct to the airports and present their confirmed tickets for possible acceptance for travel on Caribbean Airlines
    • Persons will only be placed on flights for the specific date listed on their confirmed ferry ticket
    • Passengers with vehicles must first check in at the Ports and after check-in will be shuttled via PTSC to the Piarco International Airport and the ANR International Airport, at no additional cost.
    • If persons wish to travel on a date that is different to the date on their confirmed ferry ticket, they may go to the Port and change the ferry ticket date there or purchase a Same Day Standby ticket from Caribbean Airlines.

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