[Cuba] Posada Carriles walking the streets with impunity

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[Cuba] Posada Carriles walking the streets with impunity

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[Cuba] Posada Carriles walking the streets with impunity

“THE CIA has trained and freed a Frankenstein,” declared Peter Kornblugh, director of George Washington University's National Security Archive, in an interview with The New York Times earlier this year. Precisely. All of the empire's arrogance and disdain for the lives of those it seeks to dominate are reflected in statements made by Orlando Bosch, who ordered the 1976 bombing of a Cubana Airlines passenger plane, and his accomplice Luis Posada Carilles. Bosch described the victims as "four or five Black girls" and Posada boasted, when asked about his terrorist history, that he "sleeps like a baby."

The bombing of the airliner in flight, off the coast of Barbados, during the tenure of George Bush Sr. as director of the CIA, has received much less media attention than the similar Lockerbie crime, when a U.S. airliner was downed during this same Bush's stint as Vice President, in charge of security issues.

The U.S. government holds within various archives of its enormous intelligence apparatus, a wealth of evidence demonstrating the responsibility of Bosch, Posada and other CIA henchmen for the so-called Barbados crime, which took the lives of 73 innocent people.


The plot to destroy the Cubana Airlines DC-10 was hatched in a meeting held in the Dominican Republic, under the directions of Bush Sr. and organized by one of the CIA's most loyal servants, the veteran agent Sacha Volman.

One of the participants, Cuban Ricardo Morales Navarrete, alias "El Mono", working for the Venezuelan political police, the DISIP, later confirmed to General Manuel Contreras of the Pinochet secret police in Chile, that the meeting was held "on orders from the CIA" with the most important "bosses of all the anti-Castro groups that existed, especially in the United States."

Morales, who had been head of intelligence and counterintelligence for the DISP, explained that the meeting held in the Dominican city of Bonao was to plan the assassination of former Chilean Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier and "the destruction of a Cuban airliner."

There, on June 11, 1976, CORU, the Coordination of United Revolutionary Organizations was created, within the executive offices of the Canadian Falconbridge mining company, by some 20 terrorist dons from Miami. Also in attendance were those who would later meet in the Anauco Hilton in Caracas to iron out details of the airliner bombing.


Bosch and Posada were there, of course, as well as other experienced terrorists: Frank Castro, who led the summit; Gustavo "El Gancho" Castillo and Ricardo Morales Navarrete.

An FBI report dated November 2, 1976, indicated that the group was in Caracas just "a few days" before the sabotage which destroyed the Cubana airliner mid-air. Plans related to the bombing of a Cuban plane were discussed in a bar within the Anauco Hilton, according to the document, which identifies the participants as well.

Castro, Castillo and Morales have never met with justice although they are equally responsible for the deaths of the 73 victims, as are Posada and Bosch.

Castillo was one of the most active assassins in the Cuban National Liberation Front (FLNC). Among other crimes, he was involved, along with Gaspar Jiménez Escobedo and Orestes Ruiz, in the assassination of Cuban official Artagñán Díaz Díaz in the Mexican city of Mérida, on July 24, 1974.

At the time of the meeting in Caracas, Castillo was a fugitive from Mexican justice and worked full-time for the CORU, under Frank Castro and Orlando Bosch.

A CIA authorized terrorist, "El Gancho," died exactly one year ago in his Hialeah, Florida home, under the protection of the FBI and the CIA "sponsors of terrorism."


Ricardo Morales Navarrete was killed in a Miami bar and his body never found. A clean job performed by those who were interested in definitively silencing the man who had a reputation for talking. Contreras himself confirmed this.

Orlando Bosch died last April in a Miami hospital at the age of 83. In his last public appearances he reiterated his call for a violent insurrection to overthrow the Cuban Revolution.

Posada has become the darling of the terrorist crowd in Miami, where he makes public appearances applauded by those who yearn for the days of the Batista dictatorship. Roger Noriega took responsibility for neutralizing the U.S. judicial system and making sure Posada got off easily in a trial in El Paso where he faced charges of violating immigration law.

Frank Castro also continues living with absolute impunity in the Dominican Republic, where no one has taken the initiative to remind him of his terrorist past.

And a scandalous enigma remains.


The well-known CIA agent, Antonio Veciana, terrorist boss and founder of Alpha 66, revealed in Miami in 2007 that Venezuelan President Carlos Andrés Pérez told him that he had ordered his chief of security, Cuban Orlando García Vázquez, to keep quiet about the case of the Cuban airliner, "Keep your mouth shut and don't talk about the subject."

Veciana said, "The United States government has a copy of the report Orlando García made to Carlos Andrés Pérez about what happened."

Pérez never wanted to reveal the contents of the secret report, "to avoid hurting Posada," he said, but he did make sure that the government kept a copy.

Pérez died last December 25 in Miami, as a result of a heart attack. In the days following his death, several boxes of documents which he had brought secretly from Venezuela were discovered. "The FBI was informed of the contents… and was interested in reviewing them," one of the former president's daughters, Cecilia Victoria Pérez Matos, said, offering no further details.

The issue was never again addressed. As in the case of the explosion of the ship La Coubre, with its hundred-some victims, the U.S. government – with its list of countries which sponsor terrorism – makes sure that as little as possible is known.

In the meantime, the CIA and its interventionist apparatus have continued to expand. Its tentacles have multiplied and its operators, covert and otherwise, have never stopped developing plans to harm Cuba and its people, which Washington still dreams of dominating.

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