CONVIASA flies into Dominica

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CONVIASA flies into Dominica

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CONVIASA flies into Dominica
Friday, August 19th, 2011
Venezuelan Airline CONVIASA has been reintroduced into Dominica as it seeks to further enhance connectivity between the Caribbean and Central and South America as well as serve as a bridge towards improving diplomatic relations between Dominica and Venezuela.

Minister of Ports Rayburn Blackmoore, speaking at the airlines inaugural flight last evening, articulated appreciation to the Government and people of Venezuela and spoke of the initiative signaling the commitment of Venezuela to its investment in the works at the Melville Hall Airport and in Dominica.
Blackmoore said, “At this juncture permit me to express my Government’s most profound gratitude for the support thus far from the Government and people of Venezuela. This journey that has brought us to this point could not have been possible without that support. We owe it to you through your most distinguished ambassador. I want to say that every civic minded Dominican is looking forward to the bountiful result for such a massive investment in this airport facility. What is happening here today will therefore allow us to realize such results because we believe that it is only by increased activity, by way of additional flights, that we can realize the economic good and social prosperity from such an investment.”

President of CONVIASA Jesus Viñas said that he hopes the reintroduction of the airline will be the first step in the growth of the relationship between the two countries and believes that the airline can be the link connecting the Caribbean to South America and to the European markets, with which CONVIASA already partners. He also hopes the initiative will reshape the tourism product in Dominica, Venezuela and by extension the wider Caribbean.

CONVIASA serviced Dominica for three years until September last year when an accident led to a reshuffle at the company and Viñas believes that under his new leadership the airline will be a permanent fixture in Dominica’s flight schedules.

This assurance comes despite the fact that the airline has only applied for and been granted a 1-month license, according to Blackmoore. He, however, stated that the Government is looking forward to CONVIASA being granted a 3-year license, once application has been made.

Dominica’s Ambassador to Venezuela Philbert Aaron also welcomed the airline last evening, calling it another aspect of the cooperation between the two nations, sentiments that were supported by Venezuelan Ambassador to Dominica Carmen Martinez de Grijaiva.

CONVIASA is intent upon providing alternate air transport routes to its nearly 20 destinations in South America and the Caribbean and the airline will serve Dominica through H.H.V Whitchurch and Co. Ltd. It will fly between Dominica and Venezuela every Tuesday and Thursday, with stops in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
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