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[Guyana] Roraima Airways celebrates coming of age

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[Guyana] Roraima Airways celebrates coming of age

Unread post by bimjim » Mon Nov 18, 2013

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    Captain Gerry Gouveia (in suit) is flanked by employees of Roraima Airways on the lawns of Duke Lodge. Seated directly in front of him (centre) are his wife, Captain Debbie Gouveia, and son, Kevin.
    (Photo by Cullen Bess-Nelson)
[Guyana] Roraima Airways celebrates coming of age
–with simple ceremony at Duke Lodge
Shirley Thomas
Sunday, 17 November 2013

THE proud Roraima Family assembled last Friday with humble hearts of gratitude to celebrate the landmark occasion of Roraima Airways Inc’s 21st Anniversary via Thanksgiving Service at Duke Lodge on Younge Street in Kingston, Georgetown.

At that simple ceremony chaired by Ms. Diedre Davis, remarks were delivered by Chief Executive Officer, Captain Gerald Gouveia, and General Manager, Captain Debbie Gouveia, while the Exultation was given by Bishop Juan Edghill.

Captain Gerald (Gerry) Gouveia, lauding the contribution of the staff to the success of Roraima Airways, said the most important asset of the company is its staff.

“Every one of you — on the flights, in the resorts, in the hotels…. It’s got everything to do with the work that we do together,” he declared.

Acknowledging yet another milestone in the life of the company, Captain Gerald observed with deep sadness that, for the first time in the history of the company’s celebrations, its dedicated Administrative Manager, Mr. Gerald Mc Kenzie, could not be present. Mr. Mc Kenzie, who died last July after serving the company for 17 years, has left a great void within that organization. Captain Gerald remembered him not only as a staff member, but as a friend and confidante; one who is very sadly missed.

Captain Gerald said the company’s greatest achievement — which he would want to talk about — is the fact that his two sons are now grown men and are ready to assume roles and responsibilities within the company as it transitions in keeping with growth and development. And with a sense of gratitude, he asserted, “Thank you, Jerry and Kevin, for coming back to your country.”

Kevin, the older of the two, briefly addressing the gathering, declared his deep pleasure at being associated with the company at this time. “I love working with this company. Every day is different. It has challenges… I want to use the gifts that God gave me to overcome the challenges,” Kevin testified.

Looking back at where the company began and where it is today, Captain Gerry said he felt challenged by the hurdles the company faces every day. He, however, assured staff members that the company would continue to grow from strength to strength. “We will deal with the challenges; and for me, I am facing these challenges with renewed faith every day,” he affirmed.

One of the many areas in which the Roraima Airways’ indelible mark has been stamped is in the ongoing execution of mercy flights across the length and breadth of Guyana in conditions of both fair and foul weather.

Captain Gerry singled out for special mention Captain Alvin Clarke, a ‘star’ employee in the company. He noted that Captain Clarke would fly in the middle of the night to dark airstrips to extract pregnant women or bring the sick to hospital in the city. He applauded Captain Clarke’s professionalism and dedication, saying it continues to be an asset to the company.

“We do what we have to do, and that is (to) save lives, even if it’s through the jungles. Roraima continues to save lives, contributes to the Guyana economy, and continues to showcase Guyana,” he declared.

As the entity continues its growth from strength to strength, Captain Gerry assured that in the New Year a lot of strategies would unfold. He expressed best wishes to management and staff of Roraima, and declared as a timely reminder: “We have to keep working together; thinking together, and building this team stronger and stronger.”

Bishop Juan Edghill, in his Exultation, offered words of congratulation and encouragement to Captains Gerry and Debbie Gouveia and the entire Roraima Airways Inc., on having attained 21 years as a company. He acknowledged the Roraima Airways’ contribution to the aviation industry, the tourism sector and the nation of Guyana as a whole; and congratulated Captain Gerry for being both a good corporate citizen and a good employer possessed of admirable, resonant leadership qualities.

Recognizing that Roraima Airways has filled that essential niche of devoting quality time and personalized attention to the needs of its employees, Bishop Edgill credited that attribute to the company being able to attract and retain staff.

He also acknowledged staff members who continue to work assiduously to make things happen for the company, noting that it is because they love what they do.
And stressing the importance of a good work attitude to the success of any company, Bishop Edghill said, “In a work organization, there are some things you could hire: You could hire skills, but you can’t hire attitude; attitude has to be cultivated.”

Noting that the height reached by Roraima Airways was established on principles of integrity, discipline and excellence, Edghill stressed the importance of choices, which naturally have consequences, and how they impinge on one’s life.

Edghill cautioned that, along life’s road, no matter what your circumstances might be, what matters most and plays a defining role in what you do or who you turn out to be is your choice. “Remember,” he reasoned, “our destiny is in our own hands, and it’s determined by the choice we make.”

Bishop Edghill encouraged the management and staff of Roraima Airways to continue dreaming and to continue making choices that would differentiate the company from other companies in the years to come.

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