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Aircraft engineer injured - wing explodes during maintenance

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2016
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Aircraft engineer injured as wing of plane explodes during maintenance
June 20, 2016

An aircraft engineer attached to Roraima Airways in nursing a number of injuries including burns to his body after the right side wing of a Roraima Airways Trislander aircraft caught fire and exploded during maintenance on the ground in the Roraima Airways hangar.

In a statement, the company said the engineer is currently stable and resting in hospital.

“Roraima Airways will do all in its power to ensure he is comfortable and receives the best medical care. Please join with us in praying for his speedy and complete recovery”, the company assured.

The incident took place on Monday at the Eugene F. Correia Airport, Ogle and an investigation has since been launched to determine the exact circumstances surrounding the incident.

That investigation is being conducted by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority and the Maintenance Quality Department of Roraima Airways.

The company today also offered praise for the heroic efforts of staff members “who responded aggressively as trained, using the fire-fighting equipment in the Hangar, negating any further injury or damage.”

The company said it has arranged counseling for the maintenance team and all team members affected. One of the staff members who was in the hanger at the time was left shaken and traumatized by the incident although not suffering any injury.

The Public Relations Department of the company said the absence of the aircraft from regular service is unlikely to affect overall operations.