[SVG air] Police investigate theft at Barbuda airport

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[SVG air] Police investigate theft at Barbuda airport

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[SVG air] Police investigate theft at Barbuda airport
December 5, 2016

Up to yesterday, police had not charged anyone in connection with the theft of money at Codrington Airport, in Barbuda.

Police Public Relations Officer Senior Sergeant Frankie Thomas said lawmen had questioned “a person of interest,” in the disappearance of $7,574.

A security guard at the Codrington Airport reported to the Barbuda Police Station that the office of SVG Air had been broken into some time between 4:30 pm Thursday and 6:30 am Friday and the money stolen.

Initial report suggests someone removed the gauze of a northern push-up window, which was not locked, but was secured by burglar bars on the inside, and then inserted a long object to fish out two transparent bags that were on a table in the office.

An employee of the airline has been interviewed and taken to the station for questioning.

The money was reportedly kept in the office as the baggage handler had been asked to take charge of ticketing for a few days, and was not authorized to make bank deposits for the company.

The Forensic Investigations Unit processed the scene and a search was carried out in the area for the missing money, without success.

Investigations are continuing into the matter.
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